Situation Report - Fixers

Full report

As instructed, I have integrated my alternate identity in with the Fixers. The Agency was correct to suspect they are using dark powers.

Doctor Livingstone is quite dead, His healing comes less from the university studies than from dark powers..

Diamond Jack is quite powerful, but has not used his powers to steal from innocent people. He is not beyond shading the truth, and takes great pains to make sure the “real” story does not emerge. His lechery is a weak spot to exploit, and unfortunately I’m the wrong flavor. See attached subreport.

Butch Slate the tracker has some abilities to possibly shape shift. He is discreet when he does it, and it does not seem to be tied to the moon. That leaves us with trained magic powers (as an illiterate it is doubtful that he has read the evil book) or he had made a secret pact with an evil servant.

Sammuel Hemmett was a bit of a surprise. The report of his departure from Pinkerton s may not be 100% accurate. I recommend his complete dossier be reviewed for factual accuracies. I did investigate the “execution” of Professor James last year, and found it to be fraudulent. With the good professor hiding out in Dessert, I think Sammuel has learned to commune with the dark powers to either re-animate his diseased wife, or to hunt down the evil James. I had no indication that the two have crossed paths, and recommend we keep that information from him and his brother. as previously discussed He is using dark powers, and for his own gain. He is slick, armed and dangerous. A confrontation between the two would likely destroy the city where it took part. I recommend elimination of this threat.

Annie is just an amazing shot, although she has been witnessed to enthrall a small crowd. No dark powers are in evidenced here.

Chun Lee is just a circus performer with deep experience in the martial arts. If she was freelance, she could be an excellent instructor in Cleveland.

I’ll be returning to work with them in the near future. The tracking scarab continues to perform as advertized.


Willy Willy

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