New Assignment
Go West Young Man

Dear Ma & Pa,

My editor is promoting me again! I started working on human interest stories around the city, and then the crime beat. The cops appreciated my keen eyes spotting clues, and I got the scoops other news hounds only dream about. The boss through me at spiffing up the Wild West reports sent in by stringers. So many of them got half the story, but they didn’t collaborate. I meshed them together with a few embellishments, and wrote those serial stories you liked so much Pa. The editor released the first two sets as Dime Novels.

Now my new assignment is to give the full story from the front line of news. I catch the train in a few hours, and so you wouldn’t worry about me, I’m leaving this letter on the kitchen table. I’ll wire money home as often as I have too much. Take care of my siblings, and let them know I’ll pick them up some great souvenirs.


On assignment back in Wisconsin

Dear Ma & Pa,

I’ve got an exclusive deal with the Fantastic Fixers as their publicist and the chronicler of their activities. My editor is very excited, except for the part about not sending the details until the after their work is done. But he did wire me extra funds for travel expenses on the train ride.

They got hired in Dodge City to protect some valve during it’s transportation. The valve wasn’t ready to go when they were – it had been stolen in the middle of the night. Butch’s fabulous hound tracked the footpads to a tavern, and a little footwork lead them to the criminal mastermind who arranged the theft. I can’t go into details about what their dealings were, but I was able to ID the criminal who works under an alias. He is a Union deserter who started his " transportation business" with a load of gold. Word on the street is he was Captain Gerald Cribbs, a Union cavalry man and leader of a group of raiders.

Good news! I’m a little closer to civilization. We are in Wisconsin, not far from Fort Howard. I never thought I would see this town again. Most of the travel was in a fancy private rail car. The last day from Green Bay to Lakewood was on horse back. My new horse Trigger was a little restless after days on the train and threw me. I wasn’t able to jump to safety, and I broke my arm. Good thing the team has a doctor as a member.

I’m sending this just before the big test of a sawing machine. The doctor who created it is highly respected, so I expect this be an amazing demonstration.


Fixers triumph over major evil
Back to Dodge City and points beyond

Dear Ma & Pa,

As you no doubt have read in the Times the Fantastic Fixers fought fearsome foes and foul fiends fearlessly in the forest of Wisconsin. We chased down an arsonist, faced down mobs of angry lumbermen, destroyed zombies and working with the natives sent an evil spirit back into the hellish abyss from which it emerged. And best of all, my story was carefully edited by Diamond Jack before I submitted it. The unabridged copy is included – put it unopened into my memoirs “location”.

I hope the money I wired you was enough for Buttercup’s medical bills. And thanks for the knit hat, just in time for the chilly Fall nights.

We are traveling to a quick draw contest in Hoba Hills Arizona. It was abandoned 10 years ago, and recently re-colonized when the railroad went through. There is a rumor that the outlaw Buck Black runs a gang from a nearby hideout, and has been seen in town. I don’t know if the Fixers are going for the $5,000 push in the Totin’ Tournament, or the $4,000 reward for Buck Black, but my editor is demanding I cover that story as well.

That’s all for now.

Yours Truly,
Scooter Ace Reporter.

A good deed I hope

I rejoined our group and they had been investigating some malevolent tree spirit the natives had entrapped in the past and the loggers were about to belligerently release. My head was still a bit fuzzy from recovering from that cutting contraption fueled by ghost rock. I so dislike ghost rock and all the dangerous contraptions people try to use it for.

We met with some natives. I have no idea what was said but we ended up following a trail to an old medicine man. Jack offered him a drink and he passed out. So much for getting useful information. The old medicine man did eventually ake up and said something which I again have no idea what and no one really bothered translated very well.

We traveled through he woods towards some sort of sacred grove but began being hunted by some form of monsters. I never did really see them. Our guide had us run for the grove to what I thought was safety. As we got to the sacred grove it became evident it was not sacred but more cursed for there was some form of hideous beast trapped within. I aimed my trusty Remington Rolling Block and began putting slugs through its skull which should have dropped a buffalo but this creature still stood for a round or two. But then it dropped and suddenly the surrounding grove of trees turned into people. How strange is that?

I really do not understand magic but I do hope this was a good deed.


Situation Report - Fixers
Full report

As instructed, I have integrated my alternate identity in with the Fixers. The Agency was correct to suspect they are using dark powers.

Doctor Livingstone is quite dead, His healing comes less from the university studies than from dark powers..

Diamond Jack is quite powerful, but has not used his powers to steal from innocent people. He is not beyond shading the truth, and takes great pains to make sure the “real” story does not emerge. His lechery is a weak spot to exploit, and unfortunately I’m the wrong flavor. See attached subreport.

Butch Slate the tracker has some abilities to possibly shape shift. He is discreet when he does it, and it does not seem to be tied to the moon. That leaves us with trained magic powers (as an illiterate it is doubtful that he has read the evil book) or he had made a secret pact with an evil servant.

Sammuel Hemmett was a bit of a surprise. The report of his departure from Pinkerton s may not be 100% accurate. I recommend his complete dossier be reviewed for factual accuracies. I did investigate the “execution” of Professor James last year, and found it to be fraudulent. With the good professor hiding out in Dessert, I think Sammuel has learned to commune with the dark powers to either re-animate his diseased wife, or to hunt down the evil James. I had no indication that the two have crossed paths, and recommend we keep that information from him and his brother. as previously discussed He is using dark powers, and for his own gain. He is slick, armed and dangerous. A confrontation between the two would likely destroy the city where it took part. I recommend elimination of this threat.

Annie is just an amazing shot, although she has been witnessed to enthrall a small crowd. No dark powers are in evidenced here.

Chun Lee is just a circus performer with deep experience in the martial arts. If she was freelance, she could be an excellent instructor in Cleveland.

I’ll be returning to work with them in the near future. The tracking scarab continues to perform as advertized.

Diamond Jack missing after late night rendezvous with Fem-fatale
CSA female agents may be infiltrating through Colorado

Diamond Jack is a gambler, but he may not have understand the risks when he went to met this redhead “librarian” in Pueblo. Jack was last seen leaving his hotel heading for a tryst with her at her lair. The next day, DJ was not to be found.

This intrepid reporter checked out the home, and neighbors told that she moved in 2 months ago. The home is owned by a retired CSA cavalry colonel, Harland Sander, and it has been rented out for years. When she was confronted with questions about the missing man on her door stop, she screamed and attacked with hands which felt like steel. Faced with this deadly woman who was obviously trained in the Japanese art of karate, fleeing was my only option.

I am re-cooperating in a comfortable hospital bed with only a friendly nurse to get my dispatches to the Western Union office. The world has to wonder, where is Diamond Jack, and did she also eliminate his sidekick Samuel Hammett?


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