On assignment back in Wisconsin

Dear Ma & Pa,

I’ve got an exclusive deal with the Fantastic Fixers as their publicist and the chronicler of their activities. My editor is very excited, except for the part about not sending the details until the after their work is done. But he did wire me extra funds for travel expenses on the train ride.

They got hired in Dodge City to protect some valve during it’s transportation. The valve wasn’t ready to go when they were – it had been stolen in the middle of the night. Butch’s fabulous hound tracked the footpads to a tavern, and a little footwork lead them to the criminal mastermind who arranged the theft. I can’t go into details about what their dealings were, but I was able to ID the criminal who works under an alias. He is a Union deserter who started his " transportation business" with a load of gold. Word on the street is he was Captain Gerald Cribbs, a Union cavalry man and leader of a group of raiders.

Good news! I’m a little closer to civilization. We are in Wisconsin, not far from Fort Howard. I never thought I would see this town again. Most of the travel was in a fancy private rail car. The last day from Green Bay to Lakewood was on horse back. My new horse Trigger was a little restless after days on the train and threw me. I wasn’t able to jump to safety, and I broke my arm. Good thing the team has a doctor as a member.

I’m sending this just before the big test of a sawing machine. The doctor who created it is highly respected, so I expect this be an amazing demonstration.



Willy Willy

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