New Assignment

Go West Young Man

Dear Ma & Pa,

My editor is promoting me again! I started working on human interest stories around the city, and then the crime beat. The cops appreciated my keen eyes spotting clues, and I got the scoops other news hounds only dream about. The boss through me at spiffing up the Wild West reports sent in by stringers. So many of them got half the story, but they didn’t collaborate. I meshed them together with a few embellishments, and wrote those serial stories you liked so much Pa. The editor released the first two sets as Dime Novels.

Now my new assignment is to give the full story from the front line of news. I catch the train in a few hours, and so you wouldn’t worry about me, I’m leaving this letter on the kitchen table. I’ll wire money home as often as I have too much. Take care of my siblings, and let them know I’ll pick them up some great souvenirs.




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