Fixers triumph over major evil

Back to Dodge City and points beyond

Dear Ma & Pa,

As you no doubt have read in the Times the Fantastic Fixers fought fearsome foes and foul fiends fearlessly in the forest of Wisconsin. We chased down an arsonist, faced down mobs of angry lumbermen, destroyed zombies and working with the natives sent an evil spirit back into the hellish abyss from which it emerged. And best of all, my story was carefully edited by Diamond Jack before I submitted it. The unabridged copy is included – put it unopened into my memoirs “location”.

I hope the money I wired you was enough for Buttercup’s medical bills. And thanks for the knit hat, just in time for the chilly Fall nights.

We are traveling to a quick draw contest in Hoba Hills Arizona. It was abandoned 10 years ago, and recently re-colonized when the railroad went through. There is a rumor that the outlaw Buck Black runs a gang from a nearby hideout, and has been seen in town. I don’t know if the Fixers are going for the $5,000 push in the Totin’ Tournament, or the $4,000 reward for Buck Black, but my editor is demanding I cover that story as well.

That’s all for now.

Yours Truly,
Scooter Ace Reporter.


Willy Belrathius

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