Diamond Jack missing after late night rendezvous with Fem-fatale

CSA female agents may be infiltrating through Colorado

Diamond Jack is a gambler, but he may not have understand the risks when he went to met this redhead “librarian” in Pueblo. Jack was last seen leaving his hotel heading for a tryst with her at her lair. The next day, DJ was not to be found.

This intrepid reporter checked out the home, and neighbors told that she moved in 2 months ago. The home is owned by a retired CSA cavalry colonel, Harland Sander, and it has been rented out for years. When she was confronted with questions about the missing man on her door stop, she screamed and attacked with hands which felt like steel. Faced with this deadly woman who was obviously trained in the Japanese art of karate, fleeing was my only option.

I am re-cooperating in a comfortable hospital bed with only a friendly nurse to get my dispatches to the Western Union office. The world has to wonder, where is Diamond Jack, and did she also eliminate his sidekick Samuel Hammett?


Willy Willy

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