A good deed I hope

I rejoined our group and they had been investigating some malevolent tree spirit the natives had entrapped in the past and the loggers were about to belligerently release. My head was still a bit fuzzy from recovering from that cutting contraption fueled by ghost rock. I so dislike ghost rock and all the dangerous contraptions people try to use it for.

We met with some natives. I have no idea what was said but we ended up following a trail to an old medicine man. Jack offered him a drink and he passed out. So much for getting useful information. The old medicine man did eventually ake up and said something which I again have no idea what and no one really bothered translated very well.

We traveled through he woods towards some sort of sacred grove but began being hunted by some form of monsters. I never did really see them. Our guide had us run for the grove to what I thought was safety. As we got to the sacred grove it became evident it was not sacred but more cursed for there was some form of hideous beast trapped within. I aimed my trusty Remington Rolling Block and began putting slugs through its skull which should have dropped a buffalo but this creature still stood for a round or two. But then it dropped and suddenly the surrounding grove of trees turned into people. How strange is that?

I really do not understand magic but I do hope this was a good deed.



Excellent character perspective! Helps the reader if you sign it….

A good deed I hope
Willy negScorch

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